Morgan's Small Engine

Jun 13, 2013

I needed a lawnmower back in 2007. I looked at the retail chains in town and several of the implement dealers out B Hwy. On one such trip out to the John Deere store, I saw red-and-grey mowers out front of an older block building with signage proclaiming “Morgan’s Small Engine”

I stopped in and met the owner: Emmett Morgan. Spending time with Emmett was a treat. He’s a huge St Louis Cardinals fan and loves history which includes collecting beautiful photos of our area. He recently purchased three incredible black & whites which are proudly on display. One photo is of the Texaco station which was located near the corner of Westwood and Maud where First Midwest now sits.

I bought my zero-radius-turn, 48″ deck eXmark mower that day as Emmett explained all of the remarkable features of his product line. Two things that struck me were 100% made in the USA and the quality workmanship. Since that time I’ve purchased a chainsaw and weed-eater from his store.

I stopped by last week to pick up new mower blades and Emmett took me out to show me one of the newest models of eXmark mowers he had on display. The features were amazing and the chair was the most comfortable mower chair I’ve ever sat on…complete with weight-adjustable suspension to prevent you from bouncing too much or being too stiff. It was amazing.

eXmark has two different lines of mowers: one for home and one for commercial contractors. Look around the next time you are driving the streets of Poplar Bluff. Many of the lawn care experts have switched to riding the distinctly painted red-and-grey eXmark machines. Whether you need a mower for your own yard or you plan on making a living in landscaping, eXmark mowers deserve a serious consideration.


Emmit and his crew definitely have grease-thumbs (my equivalent to the green-thumb of gardeners). No matter what problem I’ve brought to the store, it is fixed and the charges are very reasonable.

If you are in need of a mower, mower service or any small engine repair… I highly recommend Morgan’s Small Engine at 522 N G Street on the east side of Poplar Bluff (intersection of Business 60 and G Street).

Morgan’s Small Engine carries:

eXmark (mowers)
Husqvarna (mowers, weed eaters and chainsaws)
Maruyama (leaf blowers & weed eaters)
Generac (generators and pressure washers)
Poulan Pro (weed eaters & leaf blowers, chainsaws)
Parts for Briggs & Stratton and Kohler