N'Style Galleria - from our Downtown Dexter Issue (Oct 16)

Oct 24, 2014

The ladies from N’Style Galleria and Salon

At the same location for the last several years, visitors to N’Style Galleria might recognize the boutique by the tell-tale mural painted on the outside of the building. Or perhaps by the former moniker Lois’ House of Fashions.

Owner Pam Garner was there for the last 12 years and says a recent remodeling offered rebirth to the store, and to business.

“The new stores opening here helped a lot,” she admitted. “The Loft, The French Market, The Metro, all helped to bolster all the businesses here.”

Garner said diversity of goods and services makes N’Style Galleria a unique shopping experience. From Merle Norman cosmetics to Romanian original art, the shop has a surprise to be found around every aisle.