New access numbers for Centurytel Areas.

Apr 10, 2007

We have new dial-up access numbers for several Centurytel areas. We have listed the areas below along side of their new access numbers. These numbers will be replacing the primary access numbers you currently use. The new numbers will access a much bigger bandwidth pipe, multiple upstream providers, more modem capacity and secured facilities with redundant power. Further below are instructions on how to update your computer for the new number.

Annapolis: 573-598-3863
Boss: 573-538-1000
Bunker: 573-463-1000
Centerville: 573-648-2326
Columbia: 573-777-1112 (new area)
Ellsinore: 573-322-8421
Ironton: 573-546-1932
Lesterville: 573-637-9367 573-487-1890
Black/Oates: 573-269-1468 573-623-1890

If you use the “GEARBOX” software provided on our installation CDs, please read below for instructions. If you are using other software, have configured your connection manually, or if you have any problems or questions, please call our Technical Support department at 573-686-9114.

Note: Microsoft Windows Vista is not compatible with our “GEARBOX” software. If you are using a Vista computer please contact technical support for help configuring a connection manually.

1. Within the next few days, our software will download an update to its number list. This update will add the new numbers.
2. The next time you try to connect after this update, you will see a prompt that says:
Missing Dial Info “The Primary and/or Rollover dial-up number being
used by this connection are no longer available. Please choose new
3. Hit OK.
4. Scroll down the left list and find the appropriate entry with the new access number.
5. Click the Save button and reconnect.

Thank you,