Pinecone area Wireless - UPDATED

Jul 24, 2006


We received all our equipment today except our antenna. It was overnighted from Reno NV, but someone left it on the loading dock and it didn’t make the trip. We have been promised that it will be here in the morning at 10:00am. For those affected we are very sorry for this and will have you back on line as soon as the antenna comes in. Here is a picture of some of the damage that was done. This is our Wireless Specialiest, Kurt Richardson, holding what used to be an 11′ omni antenna.

As of about 9:00am this morning the T1 that services the tower was brought back on line. We were able to get most customers back on line at about 11:30am today. We have had to order a piece of equipment and are expecting it in the morning(07/25/06). Once that arrives and is installed we should have all customers back on line.