Bagby says Your Vote Doesn't Even Matter -- Poor Doug Just Doesn't Get It

Nov 05, 2012

I read Mr. Bagby’s editorial in the DAR today and for the second time this year he’s broken our city’s ordinance which prohibits the City Manager from being involved in political issues. It’s that above-the-law arrogance he routinely displays which is at the core of this sewer tax.

Last time he did this was when his puppet councilman was losing this spring, Doug wrote an editorial endorsing Edington only to have the citizens of Fourth Ward slap his hand and put Brannum in power.

Now, the arrogance of our City Manager tells you that your vote doesn’t even matter. Bagby says he’s going to spend the money no matter what you vote. He says he’s going to raise your sewer bill no matter what you vote. When did we make him Sewer Czar?

Doug, that’s not how things work here it the USA. Like President Obama, it’s clear you think government debt is good. But debt is killing our country…and it will kill our City if we don’t stop it. If we don’t stop Barack Bagby!

Doug wants a $20M dollar slush fund. But the great people of Poplar Bluff need to rise up and slap his hand again and say “NO” we will not be bullied. You are our employee, you work for us, and you better watch out or your arrogance is gonna get you Donald Trump’d.

The truth is, Doug, the City can not have debt unless the voters approve it. And until you are honest and transparent with the citizens…we will just keep slapping your hand.

Vote NO on the “CITY OF POPLAR BLUFF, MISSOURI, QUESTION” and end the cycle of debt.

To read Mr. Bagby’s email to me shortly after this post click here.