Queen for a Day: Mother's Day Magic!

Apr 29, 2008

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 11th, and that leaves sons, daughters, and grandchildren plenty of time to plan a loving salute to moms everywhere!

The really swell thing is that when you give yourself a little time to plan, you don’t have to rush to the smell-good section of the nearest five-and-dime before church that Sunday, in the hope of seizing onto whatever little cheesy French knock-off doesn’t scream, “TOTAL ABSENCE OF CLASS OVER HERE!!!” Because when you couple that kind of “inspiration” with a supermarket corsage, and a hasty blue-plate special at the only roadside greasy-spoon with any seating left in the county, you’re setting yourself up for tragedy of ancient Greek proportions.

I’ve been tooling about the Internet and coming across some really neat websites for Mother’s day ideas. Here’s a sampling of what I found…


Offers a handy “Mother’s Day Planning Checklist”, plus nifty ideas for lots of different ways to celebrate the occasion.


Ten creative, low-cost ideas for commemorating Mom’s special day, some of which encourage the spirit of giving for people you may not even know.


Printable blank gift certificates: The idea is what counts here—you could use your own design to make certificates that really grab.


Here, too, some very clever and thoughtful items and projects that won’t break the bank, some of which invite participation from all family members.


Special emphasis on things children can make, such as decorative recipe-card boxes, photo frames, and flower pots.


Don’t forget the vittles! (Or “the victuals”, for all you 14th-century purists out there.) Tons of recipes for Dad and the kids to choose from to prep Sunday brunch for the dearest lady in their lives.


A few pricey possibilities here at Suite101.com, in addition to several mainly requiring creativity and time. Among the high-end ideas here are that you arrange for a cruise, or buy a new car for dear old mum.

(What? No suggestion that you and the children go over and knock out a living room wall to then build an authentic French country stone-hearth for all her baking needs? Perhaps they’re saving that for next year.)

But really: By exploring the links above, you’ll see that with a bit of time and thought—and with all of this wonderfully accessible image, sound, and telecommunication technology at our fingertips—families can create unique, deeply personal gifts and occasions for every kind of Mom under the sun.