Quirky Theme Weddings II: Not of This Earth!

Aug 26, 2008

Today, some really wild visuals featuring a kind of wedding I didn’t know about before this past June.

We touched on this in the first installment of Quirky Theme Weddings, but I had to dig a bit deeper to see if the Star Trek wedding in that piece was more of a one-off type of thing, or part of a larger trend…

Turns out it’s part of a trend, all right, and the links below are a portal to a world where few southeast Missourians have ever gone before…but there are other people around the globe who apparently spend a lot of time there. And I mean, a lot.

Perhaps, though, when you get right down to it, most of us have alternative universes to which we retreat when we’re not out chasing the bucks. Video games; serial dramas; “reality” TV; talking-head political programming; gossip mags; chat rooms of all kinds; MySpace Nation…

Some sci-fi folk might just throw themselves into it with a bit more passion…OK, sometimes a white-hot-scary-lot-more passion…than, say, people who follow The Next Food Network Star or Jon and Kate Plus 8.

But if it keeps us all out of the pool halls during school hours…

And now, the Quirky Wedding links!

Video of an actual Star Trek wedding in progress, interrupted by a Klingon toward the end. (Click onto the video option that’s best for your Internet connection.)

A handful of Star Trek Experience” wedding pix. The featured couple chose Klingon and BORG witnesses for the occasion…

The Star Trek wedding packages available include a Vulcan Vow Renewal ($550 on weekends), among several other out-of-this-world—and increasingly expensive—options. Scroll down to the “Admiral’s Wedding Package” ($3000—really) at the end of the list; if I had the do-re-mi, I’d book that one for the dinner alone—forget the wedding!

An account of the surprisingly popular Klingon wedding option.

Wedding reception featuring Star Wars light-saber derring-do!

Star Wars wedding party group photo, London, 2008

Spanish-language Star Wars wedding: Scroll down to first video to check this out. Not fabulous image quality, but quite clear enough to present a very eclectic wedding party; what appears to be a gorgeous couple; and a pretty ambitious light saber battle between the groom and an alien guest. What can I tell you?

But really, in terms of quality and content, this vid, unlike the two after it, is really time-capsule-worthy material. It could be filed under the heading “Humans 2008: Go Figure!”

With all the goodwill you sense in the Spanish-language clip, though, it’s hard to imagine these stargazers not having a great shot at a lifetime of domestic/galactic bliss!

* * * * * *