RDIF Will Change How Business Works

Mar 09, 2005

The other day one of my staff sent me a link about a new use for RDIF tags. For those of you who don’t know about RDIF tags…they are little electronic devices embedded in cloth that can be electronically read from a short distance. Here’s a short description of how they can be used taken from pcjournal.com.

Midwest Technology Journal

RDIF Tags–If You Haven’t Heard of Them You Soon Will
J. Bradley Young
Imagine the grocery store of the future. You fill your cart with groceries and proceed to the payment desk. Without the necessity of placing all of your items on some freakish conveyor belt, you simply proceed to the payment desk where a clerk hands you a debit receipt that shows the cost of all of your groceries and the remaining balance in your checking account. No scanning…no pin number….no hassles.

RDIF tags are going to be used in so many products. Imagine walking up to a Soda Machine that says “Win Sodas Instantly.” In the cap of each soda could be one of these RDIF tags. As the soda drops through the chute it could pass the “reader” and if you “win” then the soda drops out and so does your original money you put in. I came up with this idea just now…imagne what the real inventors are going to do with this…like Dart Mail (warning video is 18mb).

This Dart Mail invention is just one more glimpse of how RDIF tags are going to be used for many more things than just identifying a product.