Red Cross Katrina Disaster Relief

Sep 01, 2005

Having went through a disaster I know what it’s like to loose your home. The tornado of 2002 took care of that for me. Believe me it’s not a situation you would want to be in. Now there are literally thousands without shelter, food, water, clothing, and they definitely need our help. The reason I choose the Redcross as an organization to donate to is because in the first several days/weeks they were there first for me. They provided food, bottled water, shovels, clothes, gloves, and even provided you a hotel if you didn’t have anyone to turn to. Luckily FEMA stepped in and helped too, but it was at a later date. Redcross was there first!

This was an American city that was destroyed. These are Americans who lived there. These are Americans who lost loved ones there. These are Americans who need our help!

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Lance Donze