Rotary Club finances student voting software

[From left] Rotarian Sheldon Tyler, PBHS assistant principal; StuCo president Lydia Keller and vice president Trevor Asher; and Rotary Club president-elect Matt Winters.

On Thursday, Sept. 11, the Rotary Club of Poplar Bluff funded Voting 4 Schools software for Senior High Student Council to use for elections, including the Mock Election, student body and the homecoming court as well as the senior personality awards.

The web-based application will save teachers time and make voting more efficient for students allowing for additional data analysis, according to Poplar Bluff R-I educators. In years past, paper ballots were used which high school staff had to hand count.

Leaders from the Rotary Club said underwriting the online software subscription was a “no-brainer,” considering all the help StuCo has provided the civic organization in operating the Good Habits Store at Lake Road Elementary.