"Roughly 900 Signatures" Remain

Oct 20, 2011

Poplar Bluff, MO
October 20, 2011
This week the Open Access Petition Group traversed a major milestone by gathering their 2000th signature for the Open Access Petition. Leaving “roughly 900 signatures” to go, says Brian Becker, the Group’s coordinator.

“Roughly 2,900 signatures” are needed to place this on the ballot acknowledged Doug Bagby, City Manager, in the Daily American Republic.

Supporters of Open Access Petition Group have raised over $5000 for the effort and have been able to “put more feet on the ground,” says Becker. “The Group is going out every evening and weekend. The goal-line of needed signatures is in view and our entire team is working hard to get there.”

Over the course of the past 14 days, the group has secured 750 signatures.

The Open Access Petition Group reminds citizens that signing the petition will help bring internet competition back to Poplar Bluff; competition that drives down prices and boosts Internet speeds. This petition places the choice of service back into the hands of the taxpayers who paid for the broadband network.

Becker noted, “This petition gives Poplar Bluff voters the right to go to the poll and make a decision about how to best utilize this citizen-owned network. Back in 2000, we voted to build this network to make our lives better and make our community better, but we have the same HD channels now as 5 years ago and our Internet speeds haven’t kept up with other areas.”

He continued, “Poplar Bluff should be leading Missouri with the fastest Internet speeds. Prices should be among the lowest in our state. We should have the most incredible cable television with great HD channels and high-quality service. That’s what we voted for 10 years ago.”

Becker cites Williamsville as having 12 meg service; Jackson advertises 60 meg service; and City Cable “crawls along at 5 meg.”

The Open Access Petition Group urges any citizen of the city of Poplar Bluff who has yet to sign the petition to call 300-4567. Arrangements will be made to bring the petition to their home or office for signing.

The Group also encourages people to consider making cash contributions to aid the efforts.

For more information call 573.300.4567 or go to OpenAccessPetition.org.