Satellite Radio Discontinues PCR Device

Sep 03, 2004

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Subscribers to the XM satellite radio service typically pay $9.99 per month
for access to over 100 digital music stations. Most customers of the service
utilize units installed in their vehicle or small portable radio devices.
Several months ago XM began offering a device to install in your computer that
would allow you to listen to the service. Along comes a third party software
provider which allowed these PCR devices to download and store the songs. The
discontinuation of this device comes amid the battle of copyright infringement
spearheaded by the recording industry.

The PCR that originally sold for around $50 is now fetching a premium on ebay
with some bids going as high as $350. XM radio would not comment on why the PCR
was discontinued but stated they would be working to offer a similar unit in the
future that would not allow the songs to be stored. For more information on the
story please check out ZDNet.