UPDATE on SEMO.net Adds To Case & Files For Temporary Restraining Order

Mar 30, 2011

UPDATE: Judge Pritchett recused himself and neither Clarkson nor Bloodworth would take the case. We are currently awaiting the Missouri Supreme Court to assign a judge to our case. Our Temporary Restraining Order hearing was originally scheduled for 1:30 today (Thursday), we hope that a judge will be assigned prior to City Council’s meeting on Monday evening.

In an effort to keep our customers up to date on SEMO.net’s legal proceedings, I wanted to share with you our newest filing.

The First Amended Petition was filed adding a claim for violation of the franchise portion of the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act and we have made the amended petition available online (see Count V).

SEMO.net has also filed a Motion for Temporary Restraining Order in an effort to prevent the city from kicking us off the network.

We appreciate your prayers and support.


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