Files Lawsuit Against City

Mar 18, 2011

Dear Friends, Associates, and Citizens of Poplar Bluff,

I’ve tried every possible way to convince our city leaders and managers to come to a reasonable solution regarding Open Access over the past ten months. We have advised the City that we believe they are breaking a number of Missouri laws. Back in December, we began paying for Open Access using the City’s dispute process, the city still has not scheduled our dispute hearing. On several occasions we have been warned that the City will accelerate our termination from the network and Monday’s council meeting Agenda is set to discuss a “revision” to the Open Access Policy. I can only assume that is their intent.

Every attempt of ours has failed. Regrettably, I’ve been backed into a corner and my only recourse is to sue the City of Poplar Bluff…my City.

I grew up in Williamsville, but Poplar Bluff has always been my home. As a kid I spent my summers at Coach Bess’ and Coach King’s basketball camps; I swam for the Piranhas; I mastered the silver ball on “Jack’s Open” nickel pinball at Newberry’s; I begged to eat at Burger Chef weekly; I went to all state choir as a PBHS student; and walked through the doors of First United Methodist Church three times a week. As an adult I moved to PB and rented a house in the late 80s; I was married here in 1990; I’ve coached countless ball teams of kids from this great community; and proudly owned a business here for 15 years. Poplar Bluff is my home. And this issue hasn’t just affected me; employs 13 people with lives rooted here in Poplar Bluff and families to support.

To sue my city has been a painful decision, but I don’t believe I have a choice.

Friday (3/18) we filed a lawsuit against the City, Municipal Utilities and City Cable. I’m sure you will hear a million different rumors about this case, you are welcome to call my cell (778.6500) if you have any questions. In order to help squelch the potential misinformation, I am making the petition we filed in Butler County available here.

Brian Becker