's Support Team Continues To Impress!

Jun 24, 2010

One of the factors that sets our company apart is our support department. After each trouble ticket with our support team, our customer is sent a survey by email. I am constantly amazed at the number of high praises our team members get (not because they don’t deserve it but because human nature’s desire to be more vocal over frustrations one would expect frustration to dominate the responses).

Though we sometimes get frustrated responses, the overall majority are wonderful praise of our staff.

Over the past week, our team dealt with over 200 customer issues and 19 completed the survey for us. Below are the scores given in all 19 surveys and following that are the messages that accompanied the scores (there were no negative responses this week).


2 Excellents
4 Goods
2 Excellents
1 Good
1 Good

4 Excellents
4 Goods
1 Good



Bill/Jerry: 639729
I bought a new laptap, not able to log into my e-mail or internet. So took it to It was fixed.
Thank you.

Stefan/Jerry: 696509
I think Muncipal Utilities is treating Brian like dog Doo Doo. Please tell him to hang in there and we back him 100%!

Josh: 697591
The problem turned out to have something to do with my anti-virus program on my computer. staff were very helpful, and my e-mail problem has been solved.

Stefan: 697702
My issue was not caused by problems, it was a phone company issue. But, Stefan contacted Windstream for me and got me back up and running.
Thanks Stefan!

Stefan: 697851
No matter what issues I have had, someone has always been very profesional in resolvingthe matter. Semo’s customer services are top notch.

Jerry: 698113
Always good service from SEMO. Thanks.

Josh: 698271
love the fact they got back to me quick

Stefan: 698294
Thanks for your help