SEMO TIMES welcomes advertiser Kent Hampton

Oct 22, 2014

Malden’s Kent Hampton said serving people is why we’re all here on earth.

He’s served 38 years as a manager at Noranda, the largest employer in southeast Missouri; two terms in the Missouri House of Representatives; and as a deacon for 14 years at First Southern Baptist Church at Malden.

Now, at age 66, he wants to continue serving as Dunklin County’s next clerk. He faces incumbent Carol Hinesly on Nov. 4.

“I bring a different perspective to the job,” Hampton told SEMO TIMES. “More transparency.

“I want to encourage people to come to the courthouse,” the candidate continued. “I want them to know I’m their friend and neighbor. I enjoy meeting and helping people. As a public servant, I’m here to listen, learn and assist. That’s why God gave us two ears and one mouth. It’s more important to listen than to speak.”

He added that many people aren’t even sure of the clerk’s day-to-day responsibilities.

“That’s another reason I want to invite people to come to the courthouse,” Hampton said. “I want to invite school groups to come.

“It’s not that expensive a deal to load up a school bus and bring it to Kennett to see county governmental offices and understand what goes on,” he added. “Public servants have that opportunity. And people, especially young people, have the right to know.”

Hampton noted he’s made three promises to voters during his campaign.

“I call them the three A’s,” he said. “Accountability; Accuracy; and Accessibility.

“I believe in taking a pro-active approach to issues rather than a reactive one,” the candidate noted. “I don’t consider public service working for myself. It is an honor to be a public servant. As county clerk, I would consider it an honor working for the citizens of Dunklin County.”

Although he is a Republican who faces a lifelong Democrat for the clerk’s position, Hampton said he doesn’t consider the election a political race.

“It’s so the citizens have the opportunity to choose who they feel is best qualified to serve as their county clerk,” he said.

Kent Hampton is married to Janice Hampton. The couple reside at Malden and expect their first great-grandchild early next year.