SEMO TIMES welcomes Carol Hinesly

Oct 22, 2014
Dunklin County Clerk, Carol Hinesly

Dunklin County Clerk, Carol Hinesly

Dunklin County Clerk Carol Hinesly was at the office recently, as she was for the last 30 years.

She loves her job serving the people of Dunklin County, and on Nov. 4 the people have the opportunity to re-elect her as their clerk.

“I’ve worked here under three clerks,” the county clerk said. “I have all the experience that 30 years in this office gives you.”

Carol started her public service life decades ago helping at the county assessor’s office.

“When Billy Horner was county clerk, I wrote the tax books for the assessor and helped collect taxes,” Hinesly said. “He did it all as clerk, and hired my mentor Dixie Ross.

“Then I worked for Charles Isbell, who was clerk for 20 years,” she continued. “The more you know about the job, the better it becomes, and the better you become at it.”

Although she is proud of her staff – she supervises three clerks in her office – Hinesly said she was most proud of instituting a new, computer-based election system for voters.

“Everything regarding voting is under one roof now,” she commented. “It’s very cost-effective and efficient.

“Ballots are no longer touched by anybody but the voters at the polling booth,” Hinesly added. “We used it in August and the system ran really well.”

Carol said all offices at the courthouse are busy, and that’s something she looks forward to every day in her job as clerk.

“I love the diversity of this office,” she said. “There’s something new every day.

“We issue licenses, perform notary duties, aid in elections, taxes, the budget – so many things run through this office.

“It’s a large responsibility,” Hinesly continued. “And one I’ve been happy to do.”

A lifelong Democrat, Hinesly was born in Iowa, and married Joe Mel Hinesly 38 years ago. The couple belongs to the Hornersville Methodist Church.