SEMO TIMES Welcomes Tila Hubrecht

Oct 22, 2014

Republican Tila Rowland Hubrecht won the Mo. Dist. 151 representative seat in the last special election. Voters on Nov. 4 will decide if she returns to Jefferson City to fulfill a complete term.

She has had careers as both a teacher and nurse. She said those real-world experiences offered her a unique perspective regarding representing the people of her district.

“I’m committed,” she said. “I’m a conservative who supports and represents the common sense values of my district.

“I think much of Southeast Missouri is just forgotten,” the representative added. “I am committed to work for change to benefit us all.”

Hubrecht said she’s experienced the struggles of day-to-day living on restrictive budgets and the struggle her constituents face to make ends meet financially.

“I’d like to see Missouri’s economic status bloom,” Hubrecht said. “Daily, people here have trouble just making mortgage payments.

“As the new kid in Jefferson City I work closely with established members of the legislature to determine just what I can do to see our economic growth come to fruition,” she continued. “I’m very concerned about our job market and the Noranda issue.

“I want to support the work Sen. Libla and his office does. We cannot lose Noranda. I was talking about the issue with Stoddard County commissioners. The loss of those jobs would be devastating for the county. It’s a very big deal.”

In addition to jobs growth and economic development, Hubrecht also is concerned about improving infrastructure to place more value on quality of life issues in the area.

“We have the rural quality here as well as the benefits cities like Cape and Poplar Bluff have to offer,” she said. “A lot of people call us country.

“I don’t have a problem with that tag,” the representative continued. “We need to improve our quality of life so there are incentives for companies to come in with good, high-paying jobs for our citizens – quality jobs that support families.”

Educational opportunities for residents, higher teacher salaries and health care facilities are all distinct areas that Hubrecht said impact her district. She applauded positive changes made at area medical facilities.

“Hospitals continue to grow and expand,” Hubrecht said. “There are wonderful neo-natal intensive care units here now.

“Poplar Bluff hospitals have expanded options of services available,” she commented. “The ability to keep people closer to home rather than transfer to a different hospital in Memphis or Saint Louis is very important and is a great step forward for Southeast Missouri.”

While Hubrecht is proud of area schools, she said the issue of teacher salaries should be reviewed.

“We have awesome schools in our area,” Hubrecht noted. “Richland School students and many others from our area travel to different competitions and do well.

“My daughter wants to go into aerospace engineering,” she continued. “She has a calculator I can’t even turn on. If her math teachers and science teachers can instruct her in those subjects to prepare her for an aerospace engineering major in college, think of the money they could make in the private sector. We need to maintain control of our schools and teacher salaries need to be revisited.”

Hubrecht is a pro-life advocate; a Second Amendment supporter; believes in less government; and places importance on lowering taxes for Missourians.