Discontinuing Usenet Service

Jan 12, 2009

After internal discussion, we have decided to no longer offer Usenet “newsgroup” access with our Internet service. This only affects users who were accessing newsgroups using the “” address; not our weblog or the news headlines on our homepage. The small number of users who were making use of the service, as well as the general shift of most Internet users away from that network over the last decade, mean that it has been a losing proposition for us for several years now.

We know that some people are very fond of Usenet access, though. For those users, we want to recommend that they move to an individual newsgroup service from a provider like GigaNews, who run the servers that we have been providing access to for the past eight years. They offer service for as low as $2.99 per month, and can provide specialized plans depending on your individual downloading requirements. You can also find most Usenet discussion groups on the web at Google Groups for free.