Takes Second Place in Tournament!

Jul 18, 2007 Civic League Team (8-10 yr old boys) won second place in the end of season tournament. To get to the championship game, the team had to get past Express Claims. During the season, Express Claims only lost one game and that was against Knowing they were facing the number one seed in the tournament, took the field for a tough battle. The final inning started locked 7-7, scored 5 runs to take the lead (12-7) and the defense ended the game with a 5-3-5 throw-em-out-tag-em-out double play as Isaac Lasiter took a short-hop ball at third base, threw to first for the out and Kirby Coleman took the throw, tagged the base and threw right back to Isaac to tag out the runner going to third. BEAUTY! won 12-10.

The championship game was one hour later against Century 21. The game was a low scoring 7-5 loss for the team as their season came to a close. We are proud of our sponsored team.


Hunter Aud, Ben Becker, Trent McGarity, Tyler Cannon, Aaron Stucker, Coach Mike Coleman, Kirby Coleman, Jesse Killian, Assistant Coach Brian Becker, Isaac Laseter, Colin Laird, Gene Greer, Austin Walker, Ross Barton, Alex Frey, and Brett Barton (not able to make the game: Blake Odem).

Posted on Friday, July 20st. Civic League Team (8-10 yr old boys) won its second tournament game moving them into the final four matchups. It was a close game and the boys kept the lead until the final inning when Berry’s Auto scored to go ahead by three runs. In the bottom of the fifth inning, Ross Barton scored the game winning RBI with a double down the left field line. team will play Express Claims on Friday, July 20th at 5:30pm. If they win that game they will play in the championship game at 7:30.

Posted on Thursday, July 19th. Civic League Team (8-10 yr old boys) continued their win streak as they rolled past Kiwanis Club team 17-4 on Wednesday night during the first round of the tournament. Ben Becker, Brett Barton and Kirby Coleman turned a beautiful 6-4-3 double play, Kirby Coleman hit his 8th home run of the year and every player was able to get a hit.

The team plays the second round game at McLane Park at 6:30 on Thursday.

Posted on Monday, July 16th.

The last game of their regular season was a combination of great offense and defense as the Team (Boys 8-10 yrs) won 22 – 0 and finished with a 7 wins and 3 losses record. The game included turning two double plays and the total number of triples and home runs in double digits. The team plays on Wednesday evening (July 18) at 6:30 at McLane Park against Kiwanis Club for the first round of the tournament.

A photographer from was there taking action shots of the boys. Their facial expressions tell the story.