Search Box Gets a Makeover

Mar 05, 2007

How do I use the NEW search box?

The new search box has changed the way you choose the different search engines. By clicking on the logo in the search box, you will be given a list of search engines to choose from. After selecting your search engine or choice (or encyclopedia in the case of Wikipedia), input your keyword or phrase and press the Enter key or click the search button. Your browser will be forwarded to the respective page for your results.

What’s improved about the search box?

The new search box maintains the reliable Google engine as default, while it still includes other popular search engines such as Yahoo! and MSN. It eliminates clutter and gives you visuals on which search engine you are choosing. As you can see, Wikipedia has also been added as a new option. Wikipedia is a free electronic encyclopedia, however, the contents are edited by the Internet community at large so use caution with your use of Wiki information.