Makes Communication History with OC3

Feb 05, 2008 turned on a new circuit today (Tuesday, Feb 5th) that triples the capacity to the Internet of any other company in Southeast Missouri. This new circuit is an “OC3” which stands for Optical Carrier 3 and is capable of a blazing 155.5mb/sec. That’s over one hundred (100) T1 circuits worth of bandwidth! The OC3 circuit is provided via AT&T by fiber optic cable., the first to ever order an OC3 circuit from AT&T in Southeast Missouri, is proud to continue the tradition of setting the standard for Internet excellence in our area. Prior to this OC3 circuit, used two DS3 circuits (45mb/sec x 2 = 90mb/sec) to provide connectivity. Combining these two circuits into a single connection will provide much easier routing and faster service.

While some Internet companies in our area rely on a couple of T1s (1.5mb/sec) to give them access to the Internet and others use a DS3 circuit (45mb/sec), is the first with an OC3 and 155mb/sec of capacity.

Once again, proves we are bringing our customers the best available technology and service.

Moving to the new circuit did cause a 5min outage today. We apologize for not issuing a maintenance window, but until this morning, we were uncertain the new OC3 circuit was going active today.