Senator Blunt On Senate Show-Votes

Sep 11, 2014

WASHINGTON – As Congress returns to session this week, U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (Mo.) is railing against the do-nothing Democrat-controlled Senate during events at home in Missouri, on the U.S. Senate floor, and during a press conference with Republican Senate leadership.

“People in Missouri say to me ‘you’re not getting the work of the country done.’ It is clearly right,” said Blunt on the U.S. Senate floor today. “Here we’re back in Washington, reminded by our friends on the other side, that really we’re just here to hold votes that we’ve already had. With all of the critical challenges we haven’t solved, we’re talking about changing the Constitution. To suggest that there’s a real debate going on in Washington, when this is all exactly what people are tired of – people in Washington not doing their job. I’m tired of that. I think most people in our country are tired of it.”

“No wonder people are frustrated with this process just not working,” Blunt said during the Republican Senate Leadership Stakeout on Tuesday. “It’s not like there’s not work to do. It’s not like we don’t know what that work is. But it is like the Majority Leader refuses to get the work done. And I think the American people are catching on.”

“The question is, will this two weeks of Congress be any different from the last three years of the Senate?” the St. Joseph News-Press reported on its front page this week. “The Senate has just stopped doing the people’s work in the way the people should expect it to be done.”

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