Senator Doug Libla Encourages Participation in Workgroups Creating New Missouri Learning Standards

Aug 05, 2014

Parental Involvement Key to Improving Our Children’s Education

JEFFERSON CITY – This legislative session, the Missouri General Assembly passed House Bill 1490 (HB 1490), changing the laws regarding academic performance and learning standards in elementary and secondary education. This legislation was inspired by parents, citizens, and elected officials who pushed back against the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and their implementation in Missouri’s education system. The so-called “state standards” are the latest attempt at national standards. The CCSS “national” standards were never reviewed or approved by members of the Legislature as is required by Missouri law; the decision to adopt these standards was made unilaterally.

“As a member of the Senate Education Committee I heard testimony from parents, teachers, and citizens concerned about what was being taught in our classrooms,” said Sen. Libla. “The committee dedicated multiple public hearings for the sole purpose of hearing from those affected and alternatives were discussed. HB 1490 would prohibit the State Board of Education, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and school districts from implementing any new Missouri standards without a full and thorough review by clearly defined work groups and the Missouri General Assembly.”

HB 1490 also prohibits the state board and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education from mandating the curriculum, textbooks, or other instructional materials to be used in public schools. Each local school board must be responsible for the approval and adoption of its curriculum. The state board must hold at least three public hearings whenever it develops, evaluates, modifies, or revises either academic performance or learning standards. The hearings must provide an opportunity to receive public testimony from specified groups and the general public.

With the signing of HB 1490 into law, the effort is now underway to find nominees for the appointed positions in workgroups which will create the new Missouri Learning Standards. The Missouri Senate President will appoint 32 people to the workgroups. From this, 16 will be parents and 16 will be education professionals. Appointees will fill a total of eight workgroups; with workgroups for English, Science, Math and Social Studies for grades K-5 and workgroups for English, Science, Math and Social Studies for grades 6-12. Appointees may serve on more than one workgroup. In order to be considered an education professional, the nominee must be a Missouri resident for at least three years and have taught in the workgroup’s subject area for at least ten years or have ten years of experience in that subject area.

“The 25th District must have representation on these workgroups. The New Missouri Learning Standards must reflect our values and traditions, and put a child’s education at the forefront,” stated Sen. Libla. “When you ask education professionals what would improve education, they will say parental involvement. Education is a team effort, and in order to compete in today’s world we need to instill in our children the values and importance of a quality education. I strongly encourage my constituents to consider applying for one of the workgroups and contributing to the future of our education system.”

“I have strongly advocated for local control in our schools and pushed back against federal and state government regulations on many issues,” stated Sen. Libla. “Now that we have succeeded we must step up and actively participate in the development of our own standards.”

Applications for the New Missouri Learning Standards workgroups may be may be found online at and turned into Sen. Libla’s office by mail (201 W Capitol Ave, Room 226, Jefferson City, MO, 65101) or by e-mail ( Please contact my office for any questions.


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