Shutterfly - The Best Christmas Card Ever!

Nov 30, 2008

For the past five years, my family has used Shutterfly* to print and send out our Christmas Cards. Not only does Shutterfly take little time to turn a wonderful photo into a Christmas card, the feature-rich site doesn’t end there. Check out these time-saving options for your cards:

  • Set your own personal card message or pick from a number of well-crafted phrases
  • Use the inside front cover for your Christmas letter (we’ve written over four paragraphs before)
  • Have cards (any quantity) boxed and mailed to you to hand-write the addresses on the envelopes
  • Enter the addresses of the people you want the cards to go to and have envelopes automatically printed
  • Have cards mailed for you
  • You can type a personal message for each of your cards (or just on a few)
  • You can upload your Outlook or other email address list and save even more time
  • Next year, all your information is there so it’s even faster

Here are the last two Christmas Cards we have sent out:

2006 Card – Reporting For Revolutionary Duty (Williamsburg)

2007 Card – Collage of the year’s photos

The Christmas Cards arrive in the mail very quickly after you finalize your order. I started receiving comments from family and friends within 3 days that the card they just received in the mail was “the best card ever!”

Last year, I spent about five hours picking out the photo, editing the card-text and making sure my address list was correct.

Make Christmas special for those you send cards to this year. Here are some ideas:

  • Photo of your family, children or pet
  • Hand-colored picture you or your children draw, then scan it and upload it ( can scan for $15)
  • Photo of your home lit up for the Holidays (even last year’s photo)

One last note, you can still use the Shutterfly service even if you don’t use your own photo. They have a large selection of pre-produced Christmas Cards that you can choose from and still save yourself a ton of time by having Shutterfly address & mail the cards for you.

Check out the offer for this month from Shutterfly:

*our first two years we used a subsidiary of Shutterfly called Martha’s Cards.