Sikeston’s Anna Catherine DeHart is on the Road to the Big Time

Aug 26, 2014

Sikeston, Mo. – Driven by deep faith in God and love of her family, friends and community, country singer, Anna Catherine DeHart, is a very talented young woman on a mission; to pursue her passion for music and singing. Raised in Sikeston, MO., Anna Catherine stepped foot on the road of performing at the age of 12, and is following that road all the way to the big time in Music City.

At the rate she is going, that day may not be so far away. I was driving somewhere recently and listening to Poplar Bluff’s KKLR, when a really good song grabbed my attention; it was ‘Rhinestone Lover’. I actually heard it twice that day and realized it was a single released by Anna Catherine and written by a talented musician, Cody Mosbey, of Dexter. Her delivery of that well-written song is so worthy of the airplay it is receiving. Her latest cut called Love Without Warning, written by Brian Fisk and Kristina Kidd, is also a favorite on the airwaves and available for download on iTunes.

Anna Catherine is a very busy artist these days. Currently, she is in her junior year as a music business major at Nashville’s Belmont University, while still writing, recording and booking shows throughout the Heartland. Her next gig is at the Stoddard County Fair in Dexter, on September 20, from 4-10pm. She will share the stage with two other SE Missouri stars, Maggie Thorn and Neal E. Boyd.

Anna Catherine and Steve Seawright at the Curb Cafe in Nashville

Anna Catherine and Steve Seawright at the Curb Cafe in Nashville

Poplar Bluff’s own bass-playing legend, Steve Seawright, began playing for Anna Catherine in April 2011, when he joined her 6-member band, Dirt Road Express. By the end of 2012 the group disbanded, leaving Steve and guitar-player, Jordan Copeland, to round out her acoustic shows. In 2013 she dropped the band name and has been focusing on marketing herself as an artist.  I asked Steve what the key to Anna Catherine’s success has been. He said, “I feel writing and performing quality songs are the key to her success.  Much of today’s new “country” music, especially those hit songs in 2013 were written about the same subject matter. Listen to any new artist and you’ll hear one or more songs about jacked-up trucks, painted-on jeans, and dirt roads. People like party songs, but a lot of folks are beginning to complain about the state of country music and are wanting more.   She is trying to change that by picking and choosing her material based on the message of the song.… Releasing her own songs and flowing in her artistry will be her keys to success.” Seawright and Copeland have been collaborating with Anna Catherine and have a number of songs ready to go. Steve has faith in Anna Catherine’s appeal and immense talent. “I believe in her. She has the ability to become a huge break out artist and has all of the “star qualities” that industry people look for.”

Anna Catherine DeHart is a true gem in our area’s talent landscape. Everything she does stems from her downhome, Christian family roots, and it’s all blossoming for this bright 20 year-old. When I asked her what the future holds, Anna Catherine replied, “Right now, I’ve got some really exciting things planned for the future. I’m working on putting out an EP and getting everything together to start that process. I can’t wait to get started and see how everything turns out!”

Your loyal friends, family and fans can’t wait either; we’re along the roadside cheering you on every step of the way!