State Rankings Out: Greenville Jumps To #2, East Carter Falls To #4

Apr 19, 2015
Bears players waiting for their game to start

Bears players waiting for their game to start. From left: Trey McDaniel, Ben Becker, Lathan Blackburn, Blakeney Kearbey

The mid-April Missouri High School Baseball Coaches Association rankings were released today (4/19) and Greenville Bears moved up two spots to the #2 rank in Class 2 baseball.

Many will claim “rankings don’t mean anything” but those that do are usually not on the list. Rankings do mean something; rankings come with school pride and team excitement and a target on the back of your jersey. Everyone knows that state ranking gives your opponents even more reason to bring their “A Game.”

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Class 2 State Ranking

  1. Valle Catholic
  2. Greenville
  3. Linn
  4. East Carter
  5. Sturgeon
  6. Plato
  7. Cooter
  8. Bernie
  9. Scotland County
  10. Crane

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