- changing the way we invest.

May 12, 2014

At a leading investor conference called The MoneyShow held in Las Vegas this week, two Ripley Countians will be launching a globally competitive Internet product: Nathan Bradham and Aaron Smothers are excited to present the only investor-centric social network to potential angel and venture capital investors. The Social Network for Investors will go live next week as a great framework for people to research stocks and communicate with other investors within the online investment community.

With a growing user base, the support of the right business network is crucial for in order to have a serious chance at success. Competing with tech giants like Google and Yahoo! provides serious hurdles for these two founders, both of whom have spent a large portion of their lives in the investment world.

If you’re a professional investor, investor, or someone who wants to learn about the stock market (or if you want to see how two locals are trying to change the investment world), check it out.