T1 Reliability with speeds of over 10mb/s for $425/month

Feb 17, 2009

semo.net’s new Hydra! service provides the business-class reliability that equals that of a T1 but supersedes the speed by providing 10mb/s download and 5mb/s upload.

Introduced in January, semo.net’s Hydra solution is giving businesses the opportunity to download and upload at speeds never available to Southeast Missouri.

Forms of broadband in our area include:

  • DSL service
       great download but upload is limited to well under 1mb/s
         6mb/s down with between 500k & 1mb/s up
  • Cable service
       slower download but faster upload than DSL
         3mb/s down with 1.5m/s up
  • semo.net Wireless service Tranzeo
       limited to 2m download
         2mb/s down with 1mb/s up
  • semo.net Wireless service SkyPilot
       the best of class broadband service!
         3mb/s down AND 3mb/s up
  • T1 service
       provides the most stable of all the services above
         at 1.5mb/s down and 1.5mb/s up

Now consider semo.net’s Hydra! solution:
The stability of a T1 with the download speeds that dwarf them all. Depending on location, each customer’s install is different. One of our Hydra! customers ran a speedtest and showed 12mb/s download and 7.5mb/s upload. Our solution for your company will provide at least 6mb/s down and 3mb/s up but most installations will get the 10mb/s and 5mb/s.

Already have a T1 into your business? Our Hydra can work along side your current T1 until the end of the contract to augment the bandwidth. Then when your T1 contract ends, we are confident you won’t need to renew that and you can rely solely on Hydra!. Plus, to help you afford your move to Hydra! we can discount your Hydra! price until the T1 is out of contract.

More bandwidth, more reliability, more power to get things done!

For more information contact Brian Becker at 573.686.9114 x 7 or email brian@semo.net