Take Control of Your VoiceMail

Mar 20, 2007

Take control of your voice messages with GotVoice. Get the convenience of your home, cell & work voicemails emailed to you, or access them online from anywhere, at anytime. Or when you need to get the word out immediately to everyone, use GotVoice to broadcast a new voice message out to everybody instantly. You can ring their phones at the same time, or slip the voice message silently into their voicemail. Even add your favorite MP3 music as a background track to your voicemail greeting. Whatever your need, GotVoice delivers.

GotVoice is the only service which effortlessly integrates with all major mobile and landline networks for sending and receiving voice messages, or instantly updating personalized voicemail greetings. Without requiring either you or the phone networks to change anything, GotVoice is the quickest, easiest and most powerful voice message service and it’s 100% FREE! There are no hidden call forwarding fees, you don’t need a new number and there is no software to install.