Jan 29, 2006

“In the nine years since Jobs returned to Apple, his unique modus operandi has sparked broad changes in the world of music, movies and technology. Now, Jobs is stepping into the Magic Kingdom. On Jan. 24, Walt Disney agreed to pay US$7.4 billion in stock to acquire Pixar Animation Studios, where Jobs is chairman, CEO and 50.6 percent owner.” Read more here.

“A court hearing that could pave the way for a shutdown of the BlackBerry e-mail system has been set for Feb. 24. Meanwhile, BlackBerry customers continue ramping up contingency plans in case of a shutdown, much to the delight of BlackBerry’s competitors. Research In Motion, creator of the BlackBerry, has a lock on 70 percent to 80 percent of the mobile e-mail market, a service that’s increasingly indispensable for executives.” Read more here.

Free and Cool

“Atmosphere Lite enables you to bring the sounds of nature to your desktop. You can choose from various sourroundings such as tropical, thunderstorm, nighttime, summer, fireside and several others or customize your own soundscape from the sounds provided.” Check it out here.