The Metro Gallery – from our Downtown Dexter Issue (Oct 16)

Nov 01, 2014

Erin Brown has a passion for art. That’s why she opened Metro Gallery at 1 East Stoddard in Dexter.

“I come from a family that has always loved art,” she explained.

She also loves Dexter. That’s why she opened Metro Gallery and Powder Room & Boutique in Dexter. And, she believes in bringing the world to Dexter through her goods.

“We have jewelry and art here from all over the world,” said Brown. “Our jewelry artists come from Turkey, Africa, and from all over the U.S. It is all handcrafted.”

The Metro also carries hand-crafted candles, pottery and, even, goat’s milk soap.

“We go on road trips to find these treasures,” she said, in addition to their annual buyers’ markets in Atlanta and Dallas.

The Metro Gallery

The Metro Gallery

The Metro has also hosted art classes for her customers.

“We feel very blessed to have many great artists in this area, like Michael Clippard, who is such a wonderfully talented wood carver, and Tammy Clark, a local potter,” said Brown.

“We pride ourselves on our timeless treasures. Part of the fun is in finding them, and the other part is getting them to our customers,” laughed Brown.

And, she says, in her store she works hard to have something for every person and every budget.

“Basically you can come here and find a great gift for anyone, ranging in price from $3 to $3,000. And whatever you choose, I can guarantee it will be unique, and it has a story behind it,” added Brown.

To her, the story is everything. Even her building has a story.

“This building housed the very first bank in Dexter,” she said, pointing out the original tile floors.

“I want everyone who walks in my story to take home something that they love, something unique. I want them to have a sense of where that item came from and the story behind it. It’s the story that makes it special.”