The Sarah White Legacy Lives On With UCAN Walk!

Apr 22, 2015

Melody Melloy is determined that Sarah White will never be forgotten.

The UCAN (United Cancer Assistance Network) of Southeast Missouri organizer is already well under way in planning the Fourth Annual UCAN Walk to honor White’s courageous battle against cancer, and to tell every cancer patient that they are not alone in their fight.

“Last year we raised over $30,000 at the Sarah White event, and all of it stayed in Butler, Stoddard, and Wayne Counties,” said Melloy.

She says already, over 700 people have signed up to take part in this year’s event. This year’s event is scheduled for May 23.

But Melloy believes there will be many more.

“I anticipate more like 2,000 people taking part,” said the organizer.

Melloy takes the cause of UCAN very personally.

“Cancer is devastating to the patients, and their families,” said Melloy. “We do not want those families to have to worry about how to pay their electric bill, or how they are going to afford gas to get to treatments. We want them to know they will have a roof over their heads and their families will be taken care of as well as we can. We want them to concentrate on their fight against cancer. This literally is a fight for their life. They need all their energy focused on that.”

Melloy says Sarah White was the perfect person to literally rally an army against cancer.

“She was just so inspiring,” recalled Melloy. “She never gave up.”

On May 23, cancer survivors, their families, and their friends will come together to walk the streets of Poplar Bluff as a powerful testament of the will there is to beat cancer.

“There is no sponsorship levels for this event. There is no fee to walk,” said Melloy. But attendees can purchase the official Walk tee shirts from UCAN for just $10.

UCAN is encouraging businesses and individuals to form teams to participate. The teams will raise money by asking for donations.

“Teams can have a lot of fun raising money,” said Melloy. “There are so many fun and cool ideas out there for fundraising.”

There will be a traveling trophy awarded to the team that raises the most money. Businesses and individuals will be able to make donations and honor survivors and family and friends lost with their names on the UCAN tee shirt.

“It’s all about awareness,” explained Melloy. “Every step taken is symbolic of standing up to this horrific disease. We can finish this fight against cancer.”
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For more information about this event and how to become involved, call UCAN at 573-776-1892.