The Scent Shop, Poplar Bluff: Special Mother's Day Promotion!

May 03, 2008

Next week, from Tuesday through Saturday—which is Mother’s Day eve!—The Scent Shop will be holding a special Mother’s Day

“Color Her World with Fragrance”

promotion: Purchase 1 bottle of fragrance, and get a second of your choice for half price!




Geriann Fowler stands before a wide assortment of perfume oils; The Scent Shop, Poplar Bluff MOWhat is it about scent that stirs the heart, the imagination, the deepest memory of man and woman?

Well, since Mother’s Day is right around the corner, let’s save that one for the mind-body experts at Johns Hopkins, while we get right down to all you need to know about Geriann Fowler’s friendly neighborhood fragrance haven, The Scent Shop!

Should we begin with the charm, brightness, and warmth of the setting itself? Or shouldInside The Scent Shop, Poplar Bluff MO we first note the care and attention Fowler brings to each consultation with shoppers in need of advice? Maybe we should start with the fact that she hand-pours all the wonderfully scented candles on the premises; personally blends all perfumes; and makes every luxurious soap, lotion, body wash, body scrub, and bath-salt batch by hand as well.

Geriann Fowler’s candle line features “aromatherapy scents”, such as lavender and lemongrass; “baking scents” like blueberry muffin and creme brulee; and also scents inspired by today’s most sought-after perfumes. Among these last, Love Spell, Polo Black, Prada for Men, and the insanely in-demand Pink Sugar are fragrances whose Scent-Shop correlates are bestsellers.

Fowler keeps a number of classic, older fragrances on hand, too, and can use the essence of a beloved perfume to create any other item in her line—from soap, to candle, to body butter—upon request. Among her collection are blends reminiscent of fragrances from years past such as Youth Dew, Cinnabar, and Coco. And if a perfume is not readily available in the shop, Fowler may well be able to order the appropriate oil for it, or formulate something similar of her own.

According to Fowler, part of the appeal of her products lies in the fact that, to ensure longer life for a given fragrance, she keeps the ratio of actual perfume oil to perfumer’s fixative perfectly even, rather than going with less perfume oil in her blends.

In addition to candles and an impressive range of body products, The Scent Shop carriesPerfume oil display rack, The Scent Shop, Poplar Bluff MO incense featuring hand-rolled resins, which tend to burn longer and more strongly than others. Too, there are gift-ready wax-dipped teddy bears, as well as fragrance lamps, oil burners, and reed stick diffusers—which, Fowler notes, have been growing in popularity of late. Interestingly, The Scent Shop also turns out to be one of the few places in town where one can still find a small but handsome assortment of blank greeting cards.

Returning customers are encouraged to bring back Scent Shop perfume bottles and candle jars once they’re empty, as the shop offers a discount when refilling these containers. (Be wary of anyone who says conservation can’t be good business!)

Geriann Fowler is happy to custom-design gift baskets for any occasion, and gift certificates are available at the shop as well. With the Mother’s Day “Color Her World with Fragrance” promotion in full swing from Tuesday, next week might be the ideal time to drop by and explore the possibilities at The Scent Shop. Says Fowler, referring to her establishment’s unique logo:

“Just look for the hummingbird in the window”.

The Scent Shop, 1899A N. Westwood Boulevard, Poplar Bluff. Tel: 778-0232. Business hours: Tuesday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.