The Spice is Nice!

May 29, 2015

I have now officially found the best first date restaurant in Poplar Bluff.

Where? Of course, you would ask that.

Jim & Jerry’s Restaurant, Pub, and Cajun Food, located at 336 Vine Street, in downtown Poplar Bluff.

Now, of course you want to know why I would select this particular venue as the best first date restaurant in Poplar Bluff.

To understand my reasoning, you have to understand the subtle nuances of every single issue involving a first date.

A first date is not merely a date.

No…every single issue involving a first date is important because basically, it determines whether there will be a second date.

Men often do not understand this. Even some women do not understand it.

Every single decision made on a first date…from what both parties wear to the occasion, to the form of entertainment chosen for the first date is important because it reflects how both parties want to be perceived.

And nothing reflects the importance, or lack of importance, placed on the date than the restaurant chosen.

For this reason, I always let my date choose the restaurant on a first date. His choice will say volumes about how he sees this date.

And that is the very reason Jim and Jerry’s Restaurant, Pub and Cajun Food is the perfect first date restaurant.

First, there is the Cajun food.

Cajun food says creativity. Why go to a burger joint, or even a steak house when you can have something with just a bit of a sting to it? What could be more passionate than Cajun food?

Next, there is price. Jim & Jerry’s is moderately priced. It’s not super cheap, and it’s not exclusively expensive.

That is important, because for a first date, you don’t want to break the bank, either literally, or on an emotional level. A super fancy restaurant screams commitment…and who wants to go there on a first date?

Which brings me to my third point of reasoning of why it is a perfect first date restaurant.

It’s a downtown pub, not a fancy seafood restaurant, even though it has great seafood. This creates a relaxed atmosphere for a first date. Relaxed atmosphere creates relaxed conversation for getting to know who this person really is. And…sometimes you even get an added plus of live music at Jim and Jerry’s. Live music always creates a special memory.

But when I went for my visit to Jim and Jerry’s, I was not on a date. So how does it rate as a single person’s restaurant?

I’d have to say very well.

Amber, who took my order, was very accommodating with my questions. I suggested I was not a super spicy food eater. She had great menu suggestions for me. I also told her that I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. Again, she was very helpful in pointing out items that I would like, but that would not give me restaurant regret when I received my bill.

I went with something simple….crab cakes with a cream sauce, a baked potato with all the fixings, and alligator bits. The crab cakes and alligator bits had just enough spice to be enticing, without giving me too much heat. The generous sour cream on my baked potato perfectly calmed the heat of the Cajun spice.

This is all good to know if you want to grab a quick lunch downtown, because Jim and Jerry’s also has a lunch menu.
And, of course their menu features much more than Cajun cuisine. The Cajun just caught my fancy.

Note to y’all in the kitchen: should you add blackened catfish to your menu, you will forever be my heroes, because blackened catfish is simply addictive.

Now…where did this idea of Cajun Cuisine in Poplar Bluff come from?

Not sure….but it was sheer genius.

And when I do come there on a date, I’m going full out lobster, crab legs, or oysters. Unless y’all have added the blackened catfish. Then I might have to spend a week there.
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I’ll call it my New Orleans vacation, without ever leaving PB.