Three Rivers Endowment Trust Receives $770,000 Donation

Oct 27, 2014

The Three Rivers Endowment Trust has received a $770,000 donation following the sale of properties held in trust for late Piedmont resident James Adams. The majority of the donation will go towards Three Rivers College’s proposed Sports Complex project, with the remainder going towards the Endowment Trust’s upkeep and expenses.

The donation was made by Sandy and Tony Chytla, with Sandy being one of Mildred and James Adams’ two daughters. Chytla said that the donation helped honor her parents’ wishes for the estate.

“I believe that education is the best way for the young people of Wayne County, and Southeast Missouri as a whole, to achieve their economic goals and lead a more fulfilling life,” said Chytla, who owns a flooring business in the St. Louis area with her husband, Tony. “Three Rivers was the best choice in the region. They have a solid base, a large reach, and a track record of fiscal responsibility.”

Chytla also stated that she specifically chose a community college because of the greater accessibility they provide to students who may not have the resources or desire to attend a four-year institution.

“Education was important in helping me succeed in life, and schools like Three Rivers make that advantage more obtainable for local students,” Chytla said. “They’re also more locally-focused, and it was extremely important to me that this money stay in the southeastern region, and help the people in this region.”

According to the Executive Director of the Endowment Trust, Emily Parks, $656,000 of the donation will be earmarked for the Sports Complex project, with $116,000 going towards general expenses incurred by the Trust. The proposed Sports Complex will replace the college’s aging gymnasium with a new 3,000-seat facility that incorporates a FEMA tornado safe room into its design.

For more information on the Sports Complex project, or to make a donation to the Endowment Trust, contact Emily Parks at 573-840-9077 or For more information on the Three Rivers Endowment Trust, visit

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