Trucks Gone Wild at Brick's!

Jun 05, 2015

Are you ready for some down and dirty fun?

Hundreds will be doing just that this weekend, as Brick’s Off Road Park hosts the 2015 Trucks Gone Wild event. And they’ll be coming on anything that has wheels.

That’s because Trucks Gone Wild isn’t just an event…it’s a way of life for those who are part of the “Mudder Nation”.

The ticket price for Friday through Sunday is $40. Scott Brickell of Brick’s Offroad Park admits $40 isn’t cheap, but it will be the most fun $40 could ever get you. The ticket price for Sunday only is $20. Kids 10 and under are admitted free. All who attend must sign waiver forms.

“But we’ll have some people arriving earlier in the week to try to get the best camping spots, and get a fast start to their weekend,” explained Brickell.

This year’s event will not only feature plenty of trucks, but also a Jet Sprint Boat Exhibition on Brick’s famous Water Speedway.

Saturday will feature several event events, such as the “Minute to Win It” Donut Competition; the “Mega Truck Backflip” show with Scott Green; and the “Mega Truck Corkscrew Jump” with Cory Rummell. Also featured will be a “Tug of War” competition. A live DJ will be keeping things upbeat for the crowd.

“The crowd is going to get a chance to see some trucks do things they never thought a truck could do,” said Brickell.

The Trucks Gone Wild events have become legendary, and have become a summertime ritual for many, who follow the TGW Tour throughout the country all summer long.
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