Update on Open Access

Apr 05, 2011

Dear SEMO.net cable Internet customer,

Sadly, Monday evening the City Council voted to change the date to end
Open Access from mid-October to May 9th. SEMO.net has filed a Motion
for a Temporary Restraining Order
in an attempt to prevent the City from
carrying out this newest ordinance.

I would ask that you not make any changes to your Internet service with
us until the courts decide whether Open Access should remain available.
We should have a hearing in the near future and we remain confident in a
positive outcome.

However, if the courts do not rule in our favor we will work to make
your transition as seamless as possible during that first week of May.
We understand that for many, your semo.net email address is essential.
Should Open Access actually be terminated, your email address will still
be available to you.

We appreciate your patience throughout the month of April as we work to
protect our right to be a part of the citizens’ Cable network.


Brian Becker
Poplar Bluff Internet, Inc.