Vine Street Apartments Renovated by MACO: Good For Seniors in Downtown Poplar Bluff

Jul 31, 2014

Poplar Bluff, Mo. –  A downtown area generally grows by planting seeds of development. That means taking old buildings and making them new again: Useful to the citizens and neighborhoods they occupy.

That is exactly what MACO Management Company desired to do with the Vine Street Apartments at the corner of Fifth and Vine Streets.

What once was a block of neglected buildings is now modern, convenient, apartments designed with senior citizens in mind.

Jennifer Ward, site manager for the apartments, says that the block now houses 42 units, all handicapped accessible. She notes since they opened in 2010, they have nearly always had 100% occupancy and generally have a waiting list. The apartments are designed for seniors age 55 and older.

She feels the location of these apartments is key to their success. They are located in the middle of downtown with a great neighborhood surrounding it.

“The post office is nearby, as is the Black River Coliseum, and there is even a bus stop right in front of the apartments,” she said. That encourages seniors to continue to get out and be a part of the community.

Ward added, “As a matter of fact, pretty much every parade held in town comes right by us. The seniors enjoy feeling a part of things.”

There is also an internal community. Ward said activities geared to seniors’ interests like Bingo help keep the residents interacting with one another.

Resident Anna Lee Morgan, agrees. She has been at the apartment complex for almost five years. She says she has enjoyed being there, and appreciates the way the building is so well maintained.

“It has been a great place to live,” Morgan concluded. “I can’t think of any place I’d rather be.”

City Council Member Betty Absheer, who represents Ward 3, says she has been very pleased with the addition of the apartments to her ward.

“The apartments are beautiful, and they seem to be very well maintained, and they seem to be very accommodating to the seniors who live there. It has been a great addition to our community,” she concluded.

MACO Management Company also operates senior housing sites in Nebraska, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi.