Way of the Entrepreneur: Poplar Bluff City Guide

Oct 26, 2007

Nancy Segall with tile and silver mirror from MexicoInformation. We’re awash in it. Info sources are vying for our attention at every turn. But for people who are looking expressly for information on Poplar Bluff and its goods, services, and happenings, there’s a one-stop cache of resources you’ll want to check out—that’s the Poplar Bluff City Guide online.

This ambitious website is filled with material on local businesses, dining out, healthcare, current events, leisure, real estate, and other topics linked to quality living in Poplar Bluff. Too, the Guide boasts a strong creative, user-centric element, inviting reader participation in everything from writing content to establishing photo galleries.

Nancy Segall, who shares Poplar Bluff offices with her husband, Stephen Segall, M.D., Nancy Segall with her Poplar Bluff City Guide onlineowns and operates Poplar Bluff City Guide, and has been developing the site since January of this year. While some of bits are still under construction, the site’s offerings have grown remarkably since its early days, and for one key reason: “I am on the computer all the time,” Segall laughs. “I like doing it…Now that the design aspect is finished, it really isn’t that hard”. Poplar Bluff City Guide is ideally suited to use with higher-speed Internet connections, but is serviceable with dial-up Internet as well (one more reason to go high-speed if and when you can swing it!).

Nancy Segall giving it a little bassDetroit native Segall lived for many years in California before she and her Los Angeles-born husband came to the heartland in 1998. In fact her maternal grandmother’s family hailed from Salem, Missouri. According to Segall, they were part of the exodus from the region of people hoping “to gain employment with the auto industry” in the Motor City a few generations back. Today, in building the Poplar Bluff City Guide, Segall works toward the goal of providing “a sense of community for people who live here, and those who have moved away—and people who are thinking of moving to Poplar Bluff”.

Nancy Segall and straight-laced friend at the officeThe Guide’s homepage has a scrolling “Upcoming Events” list linked to a comprehensive monthly calendar of area happenings, both great and small. Restaurants have begun posting their entire menus on the site, and there is contact information on a wealth of local businesses, with more to come.

If you need to either locate a thing or to announce one, or if you wish a ready-made forum for posting your latest short story, recipe, club date, or gardening secret, take a look at what Poplar Bluff City Guide has to offer. Nancy Segall invites you to carve out your own unique space in her online guide to Poplar Bluff living.

Poplar Bluff City Guide welcomes submissions from writers and reviewers, persons wishing to create “family galleries” on-site, and local musicians wishing to announce upcoming performances.

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