Way of the Entrepreneur: Sliver---Silver and Steel Jewelry

Jan 25, 2008

“It’s not your mama’s jewelry store—unless your mama’s really cool.”

—Bryan Morgan

Sliver, The Silver and Stainless Steel Jewelry Shop, Poplar BluffHave you checked out the chic, distinctive, sometimes-edgy jewelry designs featured at Sliver, Bryan Morgan’s new shop on North Westwood Boulevard? With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, now might be the ideal time to pop in and have a look at the many unique creations on display at Sliver, where veteran jeweler Morgan specializes in pieces fashioned in sterling silver and stainless steel. Offering baubles, bangles, and beads ranging from the strikingly elegant to the downright funky, Sliver is that rare jeweler’s equipped to accessorize patrons for the office, a gallery opening, fine dining, or a knock-down-drag-out battle of the garage bands.

There are stunning pieces at Sliver utilizing, among other things, turquoise, marcasite,An assortment of baubles, bangles, and beads at Sliver, Poplar Bluff coral, tiger’s eye, Russian serpentine, and cultured and freshwater pearls. Items here may feature accents in leather, wire, woven cord, or innovative beadwork.

Leatherworks at Sliver, Poplar BluffBorn and reared in Poplar Bluff, Bryan Morgan was immersed in the jewelry trade from early on, via his mother’s successful 1980s venture, Morgan’s Jewelry and Furs. Since then he has gained expertise through regional work in the jewelry departments of two national retail chains, and he took the entrepreneurial route with gold and diamonds in his own earlier Poplar Bluff business. However, having observed the growing demand for quality jewelry in other fine media—coupled with consumer interest in more contemporary, unusual, and personally expressive designs—Morgan brought Sliver into being only a few short months ago.

Bryan Morgan, owner of Sliver, Poplar Bluff“I saw a need for a greater variety of silver jewelry,” says Morgan, “so I’m trying to fill it. I knew there was more out there, more available than what was generally seen here in Poplar Bluff”. In keeping with the desire to maintain a compelling mix of offerings, Morgan scoured the booths at a recent trade show in Memphis, and is looking forward to attending other professional exhibitions—such as those to be held in Las Vegas, Dallas, and New York—during the coming year.

Toward this same end, Morgan has an interest in seeing the creations of local jewelry makers, and will consider displaying original works Sliver on a consignment basis.

Not For Lovers Only…

…Though Sliver generally closes at 6 p.m., Bryan Morgan is planning two very special extended-hour evenings as that most romantic of holidays, Valentine’s Day, approaches. All are welcome to stop in and shop on February 8th and 9th to 9 p.m.; say “I READ ABOUT IT ON SEMO.NET!!!” and enjoy a 20% discount on your selections between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.!

Sliver: Silver and Steel Jewelry, 2051 N. Westwood Boulevard, Poplar Bluff. Tel: 785-7070. Hours: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Located inside Ultimate Tan. 


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