We upgraded our mail system!

Apr 26, 2010

We are proud to inform you that we will be are moving our semo.net and
sheltonbbs.com email to a new mail platform as of Tuesday, April 27.
This new system offers many advancements and upgrades for our users,

* state-of-the-art webmail
* free spam/virus filtering for all mailboxes
* filtered spam will be held in a “Spam” folder in your webmail
* optional SSL encryption
* optional IMAP access
* 2 gigabyte individual mailbox storage
* 25 megabyte maximum email size

All this is being added at no additional cost to you. If you have been
a user of our Postini spam filtering service, you will not be billed
again for the filtering, and your spam will be quarantined in the
semo.net webmail rather than the old Postini portal.

Due to the process of moving the email and migrating existing mailboxes
to the new service, you may experience a short delay in the delivery of
some messages, but no mail should be lost.

Some users may need to update their mail settings to log in to the new
mail. The new system requires that you log in using your entire email
address (for example, “gijoe@semo.net”) rather than just the first part
of the email address like our current service allows (i.e., “gijoe”). If
you need to update your settings, you can find instructions at:


We are excited to offer this new service to you as we continue our
commitment to provide the best service, support and repair in Southeast