What happens IF SEMO.net loses the Preliminary Injunction on April 22?

Apr 12, 2011

Dear SEMO.net Cable Internet Customers,

Don’t fret! The email below is only to help you understand a “worst case scenario.” We don’t think any of this will be necessary, but we also want you to know that we are planning for everything!

We do not anticipate losing our injunction hearing on April 22. We are asking the Court to prevent the City from terminating our access to the network until we have our day in court.

However, our goal that our customers come first compels us to discuss the “what if we lose” scenario. Please know that my staff cares as much about making a smooth transition in that event as we do about providing quality services to you now.

Remember: The following information only pertains to our customers who use semo.net on the City Cable network. There’s no reason to panic: We’ve got your back and IF the time comes, we will make this easy & simple.

Last week I met with MyCityCable’s David Presley, Michael Pry and Bill Bach to discuss how we could smoothly transition semo.net customers over to MyCityCable in the event we lose on the motion for preliminary injunction. All agreed we should have plenty of time after the ruling from the court to transition customers by May 9.

Here’s what will happen if we should lose the preliminary injunction.

1. We will keep you informed and keep it simple.
2. Your rate will not change.
3. No double billing of services.
4. You can continue to use your semo.net email address.
5. Static IP customers will have more time than May 9 to move over to your new IP address.

RE: keep it simple & keep you informed
Just like this email, we try to keep you updated. A few days before an impending transition, we will email you the approximate time for the change. We believe all you should have to do is unplug your cable modem for 10 seconds and then plug it back in. You would then be online with MyCityCable and receive your bill from them for service. Your semo.net email address should function exactly the same with NO changes necessary. I told you it would be simple!

RE: your rate
We standardized our prices with MyCityCable back in January. So what you pay us will be the same you pay them. The $5 for modem rental fee will still apply.

RE: no double-billing
Our goal is to keep you from any double-billing. We will prorate your month with us and provide refunds for any amount of over-payment. This taffy-pull with the city shouldn’t cause you to pay extra. If you think you have been double billed, please contact our office.

RE: email
We know how important email addresses are. For those who use a semo.net email address, you will be able to keep it. We will provide it free of charge for the first six months. We will contact you after six months to see if you want to continue using your semo.net address.

RE: static IPs
For those business customers with static IPs, I’ve asked MyCityCable to give your business some extra time for transition. The plan we discussed will have MyCityCable billing you in May, but remain on our network until your IT people make the change.

MyCityCable will provide you a new Static IP address and you can coordinate the change with your team. If it takes an extra week or two, Mr. Bach said he didn’t see a problem with it. You would be paying MyCityCable for using our service. We would hope that all changes be completed before the end of May.

As I’ve said several times, I do not expect any of this will be necessary; but if it is, I want to assure you it will be done professionally by our staff.


Brian Becker
Poplar Bluff Internet, Inc.