Windows Vista is Coming

Jan 24, 2007

Windows Vista is coming, what should the average user expect from Microsoft’s latest operating system?

USA Today: It is the countdown to Microsoft’s most important product launch in at least five years and Microsoft has sky-high hopes. It expects Windows Vista to be its most successful PC operating system yet.

But the sheer size of the next-generation software — it packs dozens of new features — and lingering questions over security have caused anxiety among some business and home users. On Jan. 30, the software giant will make Vista available to consumers. It will also unfurl the 2007 versions of Microsoft Office, a suite of software programs that includes Word, Excel and Microsoft Exchange Server, an e-mail messaging server.

Vista presents plenty of new technology options, and as many personal choices: Is it wise to install the beefy operating system on your current PC now, wait a few months, or bite the bullet and buy a shiny — and pricey — new PC loaded with Vista? As one of the most significant days in Microsoft’s history approaches, consumers have some important things to consider…read more

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