Windstream DSL Outage

May 08, 2008

We are sorry about the 30+ hour outage with Windstream DSL service.

Here’s the long story:

Windstream had a major equipment failure yesterday (5/7) at their central office. All DSL users (Windstream and ours) went down for over an hour.

Windstream’s equipment was swapped out and all customers except for ours were restored at some point yesterday. We continued to work with them to track down the problem.

Late this afternoon (5/8), it was discovered that the new Windstream replacement equipment we were connected to was configured differently than the original equipment.

One simple command on our Cisco router corrected the errors our DS3 line was taking in Little Rock. Windstream then bounced the circuit up and down (on/off) and the problem was resolved.

In the end, we know the past day and a half has been frustrating not having access to the Internet. We know you have a choice when it comes to Internet service and appreciate your support going forward.

A 30+ hour outage equates to 1/24th of your monthly service. If you would like a refund, take your monthly DSL bill and divide it by 24 to get your refund amount. Send an email to with the amount of your calculated refund. Billing will verify the amount and apply it to your upcoming bill.

With celebration that DSL is working again,