Wisdom from the WOODS

Mar 10, 2015

Have we had enough winter yet?  I can assure you that this man has.  This snow has lingered way too far this time and there isn’t too much enjoyment to be had.  Sledding, snowball fights, snowmen and the like are activities best enjoyed by the younger crowd.  I do enjoy watching my grandkids play in the frozen mess, but personally I’ll stay indoors.

I can remember nasty winters, but it seems like they have gotten worse.  Maybe that’s just my recollection.

Spring is coming and soon it will be turkey season.   A long time ago, we didn’t have much of a turkey population.  I can recall when the first wild turkeys were released in the area in the vicinity of Pine Cone Road.  Some sort of trade had been worked out with other states that had too many and Missouri had too much of something else they needed.  They naturally multiplied and are now quite common.  I have seen them in my neighborhood flying across the road in front of unsuspecting motorists.  Not as bad as deer yet, but possibly in the future getting to that point.

Turkey hunting has never been a favorite activity of mine.  Not that I have anything against it, but in my prime they were fairly scarce.  Duck, goose, and quail were my birds of choice.  In the Mingo area they were plentiful for anyone willing to buy some shells and have a bit of patience.

Poaching continues to be a problem for this part of the state.  Missouri Department of Conservation has their hands full with that one.  The game wardens in our area are so busy they might not even return your calls.  Back in November, I called one night after seeing a spot lighter in the woods by my house.  The first time it went to voicemail and the second time they hung up on me.

Fishing for crappie should be good as soon as this weather abates and the area fishing holes thaw out.  Not too many would have the heart to go ice fishing, but the fish are surely hungry by now.

Spring also heralds the return of my wife’s favorite animal: humming birds.  Elaine fixes up a bunch of feeders and we typically have dozens outside our door by late spring.  Some days she can fill up the feeders in the morning and by evening they are empty.  For such tiny birds, they consume an awful lot of food.

So for some Wisdom from this Woods:   Take heart everyone.  This snow will melt soon and spring will be here.  Easter is just around the corner and so is better weather.  As I have said before, by the Fourth of July you won’t remember the cold.