Wisdom from the WOODS-Spring Turkey Hunting

Apr 30, 2015

Opening morning of the spring firearms turkey season turned out to be a real bummer. I knew where everything I needed was located in the house and as I was getting ready, some of the items were not where they were supposed to be. I found all the clothing that I needed and got dressed and them the searching began. I knew where the shotguns were stored and got out my 12-Ga. that I intended to use. I had a shell vest with the ammunition I needed hanging on the front bedroom door. When I checked to make sure that I had the right vest, imagine my surprise to find 20-Ga. Shells in the vest. I couldn’t find the vest with my 12-Ga. Shells. Both my 20-Ga. Guns were out on loan so I was stuck. I could take the .410 but when I tried to bolt a shell into the barrel, the bolt was stuck and apparently there is something broke.

I decided that when my great-grandson arrived I would just serve as his guide and I watched TV until I gave up waiting for him. Looking outside the wind was blowing the tops out of the trees so I figured that being the fact that I don’t particularly care about hunting turkeys, I would delay my hunting until Tuesday morning. Everyone that I have talked to who hunts turkeys in the spring have told me that hunting turkeys in the wind isn’t the best as you cannot hear them approach and they cannot hear your call for a very long distance. He never did show up so that hunt was postponed until another day. I had plenty of work to do outside so I got busy with those chores. Tuesday morning I didn’t wait and got out early enough to hear any turkeys that sounded off. None did and when the wind came up I came back to the house. After all, the season is three weeks long and that should give me plenty of time to hunt IF I decided to give it a try again. Also, I have now found my 12-Ga. Shells.

April showers are supposed to bring May flowers and with all the rain we’ve had in April, there should be a god crop of May flowers. The dogwoods have bloomed and this spring they have been beautiful. Blackberry winter is upon us with the daytime 50-60 degree temperatures dropping down to the 40’s at night. When this cold or cool spell blows through, it should signal that summer is near and there are lots of May activities to keep outdoors people busy.

One big event coming up May 9 when the 17th annual Three Rivers Buglers Banquet and Auction is held to raise funds for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. The social hour begins at 5pm at the Black River Coliseum and the steak dinner follows. The auction will conclude the meeting.

Bass tournaments for the area in May are on the 3rd when the Angler’s Choice fishes from Redman Creek with a 6am launch and 3pm weigh-in. The Wappapello Circuit will also fish from Redman Creek on May 30, with a 5:30am launch and 3pm weigh in.

The Southeast Missouri Sportsmen’s Assn. will have the annual Kids Fish and Fun Day in the middle of May.