Wisdom From the Woods

Jan 13, 2015

WisdomFromTheWoodsWhen it looks like my outdoor writing career has come to an end, the end so far just turns out to be a bump in the road.  The SEMO Times decided recently to eliminate my outdoor column, but that wasn’t as hard as being fired from the DAR after writing “The Ridge Runner” column for over 30 years.

After two months, Brian Becker of SEMO.net called and asked me to continue to write for his internet publication.  I gladly accepted as I believe I have a lot of information and stories of interest for all his many readers in Southeast Missouri, Northern Arkansas, and anywhere else with the internet.

With the waterfowl season winding down in Missouri, there won’t be much hunting activity. The rabbit and squirrel seasons remain for a while longer and right now the rabbit hunting should be at its prime.  Duck season in Missouri’s southern zone ends January 25.  Goose season continues until January 31.  After that, the Light Goose season begins on February 1 and continues through April 30.

Fishing on the streams is picking up as the walleye fishing is at its best during the cold while they prepare to spawn.  Crappie is at its second best in the winter as the fish are concentrated more as the lakes freeze over.  Anglers who are brave enough to fight the cold in the hopes of a decent day’s fishing may score or get absolutely nothing; cold weather fishing is hit or miss.

When I think of winter fishing, it brings back one memory of my son Mike and his trout fishing at Bull Shoals dam.  There was a picture published in the Mountain Home, AR newspaper of him midstream in his waders, fishing one January.  That year he caught a lot of trout and had several over 30” long.  His biggest catch was 36”.

My intentions are to write something every five days or so; keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned as I’m just getting warmed up.