Yahoo! Maps Beta Steps Up

Nov 03, 2005

It’s no secret that there is competition between internet giants Yahoo! and Google. Google certainly dominates in the search engine field, but as of late, Yahoo! has been stepping up to the plate in the other areas that Google is venturing into.

One representation of this is the new Yahoo! Maps Beta. It definately is a departure from the clunky Mapquest interface they used for so long. The overall look is certainly similar to Google Local, but has a few extra features and slightly different technology. Using both Flash and Ajax to build the maps, it allows you to mouse over certain areas and get information about business surrounding the area you are looking at. You have a nice sidebar that you can do all your searches from, and you can use your mouse or your keyboard to navigate the page. For those interested in doing so, there is also an option to build your own map of anything you like.

I highly recommend checking out the new Yahoo! Maps Beta.