You Can Be President, Just Not Sec.of State?

Nov 18, 2008

By May of this year, the next president of the United States was narrowed down to three candidates: John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. One of those three was going to be the next President of the United States.

It was a close race between Obama and Clinton in the primaries (a race that might have changed with a little more time, or if Florida and Michigan not changed their voting schedule and forfeited their right to help direct that choice). Hillary Clinton was almost the democratic nominee and with the current economic crisis being seen as a republican-created mess, she would have most likely won the presidency. Okay, that’s enough “what if’s”.

Now, the buzz is that Hillary Clinton might not be allowed to be Secretary of State because of her husband’s possible (or as some say ‘probable’) improper dealings with other countries on behalf of his charity, library and speaking fees. PLEASE! Sen. Clinton can be a New York Senator with her husband being Bill Clinton; she could have been our next President with her husband being Bill Clinton, but she can’t be our Secretary of State with her husband being Bill Clinton?

If she divorces her former-president husband…will that make her a viable choice? Give me a break!

Don’t get me wrong, I do not approve of Sen. Clinton on many levels, and if I had my choice she WOULD NOT be the next Secretary of State, but that is solely on grounds of policy, NOT her husband. It is safe to say that I will approve of very few of President-Elect Obama’s choices for his cabinet.

I don’t know where all the “drama” about this is coming from. However, Hillary Clinton, a standing two-term Senator for New York & a candidate who garnered 1/2 of her parties’ primary votes for the presidency, should NOT be denied the opportunity to be President-Elect’s Obama’s choice for Secretary of State because of her husband.